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Lost & found

Lost something? Check out this complete list of all the items we’ve found:


Couldn’t find the answer that you were looking for? Send us your question by e-mail and we will try to respond within two days.

Processionary caterpillar (processierups)

We do everythig we can to make sure the festival and campsite are completely free of those little buggers. We’re aware of the dangers of processionary caterpillars. We spotted a few during build up but with the help of local authorities and services, they have been removed!
We keep everyone up to date with the current situation, but for now, there’s no need to worry!

Opening hours

Campsite: Friday, July 5th 9:00 – Monday, July 9th 12:00
Friday: 14:00 – 3:00
Saturday: 14:oo – 3:00
Sunday: 14:00 – 01:00

The festival entrance is open until 00.00 o’clock. Make sure you are in before that time.


What is (not) allowed to bring to the festival?

Not just anything goes on the festival site. Read the terms and conditions carefully so that you know exactly what is allowed. Soft / hard drugs, selfie sticks & laughing gas for instance are not allowed.


Buy your tokens at the token-counters. Pay cash or use your card. Do you want to buy tokens in the pre-sale? You can buy your tokens here.

Returns: it is possible to return your tokens, but be on time! You can return your tokens during the festival untill July 8th, 01:30 CET, at token-counters. So please note, it’s not possible to return your tokens on Monday..

Pre-ordered token tickets can be redeemed at the festival site. At the campsite there will be tokens for sale, of course, but you can’t redeem your pre-ordered tokens at the campsite.

Note: tokens from past editions are no longer valid.


It is allowed to bring sunscreen with you to the festival. (Watch out: spray bottles are not allowed on the festival. Bring no more than 200 millimeter with you to the festival.)


It is not allowed to enter the festival grounds with your own food and drinks.

We offer a wide range of foodstands, check here our food line-up.

Medicines & liquids

It is permitted to take supermarket medicine with you (such as acetaminophen, birth controle, etc.) in unopened packaging.

Other medicines are permitted in unopened packaging and on prescription of a doctor.

Contact lens liquid and e-liquids for electronic cigarettes are also allowed.

Other liquids are not permitted to include the festival grounds: such as your own drinks, deodorant or perfume.


Lockers can be rented at the festival. The final prices will be communicated at the festival. The locker can be used for several days if you keep the key. The size is 35cm x 25cm x 35cm. Unfortunately we do not offer a place to store your suitcase(s).

Age and alcohol

We Are Electric has no minimum age, but everyone under 16 years old must be accompanied by an adult (18+). This applies to both the campsite and the festival. The festival is not specifically designed for children, so we do not recommend coming to We Are Electric with (small) children.
Alcohol is only allowed at We Are Electric for eighteen-year-olds and older, as in the rest of the Netherlands.

Leaving the festival grounds

Everyone on the festivalsite gets a wristband, even people with a day-ticket. This makes it possible to leave the festival for a while and then return again. Note: This can be done up to 00:00 o’clock. The doors will close after 00:00 o’clock: no exceptions.

There is a shortcut between the festival and the camping which will be open during the festival.

Lost and found

If you lose or find something, you can go to the lockers. Everything will be collected there.

Love your ears

Please take care of your ears! With music above 87dB it is smart to use earplugs with a special music filter. You still hear the music perfectly, conversations remain intelligible and most important of all, you prevent hearing damage. Not yet in possession of a pair of quality earplugs? During We Are Electric PartyPlug earplugs from Alpine will be available at the Alpine earplugbooth.


Disabled people can certainly visit We Are Electric Weekender 2019!

There are some facilities for disabled people:

Parking: there are a number of disabled parking spaces, but these are all unpaved (grass).
Toilets: the festival site has several adapted toilets. 
Festival site: there are several paths and wooden floors.

Terms and Conditions

To get to our terms and conditions, click here.


Camping sold out!

Camping sold out! Haven’t got a ticket? Please check

The Friend Zone

Note: If you use the friends zone, you have to buy a separate camping ticket per person.
A friend zone is a reserved personal spot for you and your friends, marked by a simple wooden fence (which cannot be locked)
These are the options:
-1 – 5 persons max. (30 m2)
-6 – 10 persons max. (60 m2)
-11 – 15 persons max. (90 m2)
-16 – 20 persons max. (120 m2)
Please note: It is not allowed to exceed the maximum amount of people stated above (5, 10, 15, 20) and it is also not possible to reserve friendzones next to each other.



The Friend Zone upgrades

Note: If you use the friends area, you have to buy a separate camping ticket per person.

Electricity: You will receive 1 power socket per power pack. So think of bringing power liner yourself. You can plug in small household electric items such as a phone charger, hairdryer, electric pump, etc. Big appliances such as fryers, ovens, etc are not allowed.
The group of friends is held responsible for the power consumption, in case of abuse power can be closed.

Fridge: 130L. This cannot be locked.

Toilet: Will not be cleaned during the festival.


Campers, Caravans and Folding Trailers

It’s not allowed to bring a camper, folding trailers or a caravan to the We Are Electric campsite.

What is (not)allowed to bring to the camping?

Not just anything goes on the camping. For example: Soft / hard drugs, selfie sticks, BBQ’s, large sound system, fridges, gas burners & laughing gas. It’s allowed to bring a cool box to the camping!


Read the terms and conditions for the full list.

Party tents

You can bring your partytent with these conditions:
– It is not bigger than 3×3 metres (and yeah, we check this at the entrance)
– You brought gear to set it save and tight into the ground: we don’t want it to fly away!
– You keep your fellow party animals in mind. So make sure your partytent doesn’t take up much space.

Tickets resort & camping

Please note: that access to the campsite is not included with the Resort accommodations.

For example, if you would like to stay with 2 people in a tipi, you need one tipi ticket and for each person a festival ticket incl. camping.

Pre-order Heineken tray beer

It is possible to pre-order a tray Heineken beer online until Wednesday the 3th of June.

If you pre-ordered a tray Heineken beer you can pick it up during the festival from 9:00 until 14:00 at the supermarket on the campsite.


There is no electricity available at the campsite. There are charging points for your phone available. Unfortunately we do not offer options for hairdryers.

Opening hours campsite

The opening hours of the campsite are: from Friday 9:00 to Monday 12:00.

A camping ticket gives you access to the campsite throughout this period. There are therefore no separate day tickets available. It is possible to check in day and night.

Bringing food & drinks

Per person it is allowed to bring 4 liters of beer, wine, soft drinks or water. Liquor (with an alcohol percentage of 15% or higher) is not allowed.

You can only bring food & drinks during your first entrance at the festival campsite.

There is a supermarket on the campsite. Here, food, non-alcoholic drinks, cans of beer and non-food goods are sold.

First aid

There is a first aid post at the campsite across the supermarket. They are happy to help!


There will be showers available at the campsite. On Friday there will be showers open from 16.00 until 20.00 and from 01.00 till 05.00 hours.

On Saturday there will be showers open from 08.00 until 18.00 and from 01.00 until 05.00 hours.

On Sunday there will be showers open from 08.00 until 18.00 and from 23.00 until 03.00 hours.

On Monday there will be showers open from 08.00 until 12.00 hours.

Showering will cost only 1 token!

Disabled staying at the campsite

It won’t be a problem for disabled people to camp on our campsite! Mention this at the campsite entrance, then we will look at the possibilities together with you.

Terms & conditions

For the general terms & conditions of the campsite, click here.



You can take the shuttle bus from Boxtel Station to We Are Electric Weekender and back. Buy your tickets here. For more information, click here.

By car

Weekend + camping: Go to Lagevoortseweg 15, Liempde and follow the signs.
Weekend without camping or just for a day? Go to Hollands Diep, Liempde and follow the signs.
You can buy your parking tickets online or on the spot. With this parking ticket you can leave and return to the parking area after arrival.

Note: there are a number of disabled parking spaces available, but these are all unpaved (grass).

Bus tours

There will be bus tours from different Dutch cities to We Are Electric. Click here for more information.

Kiss & Ride / Taxi

Follow the signs and instructions from the traffic staff to get to the Kiss & Ride area. Sweet, sweet kisses and then.. ride!

Found a cab? The taxi place is near the festival entrance. From here you can already see and hear the festival. The taxi will get as near as possible to the entrance, but you have to walk just a few steps to get the party started.

Navigation: Velderseweg, Liempde


By bike

How sporty! You will find the official We Are Electric bicycle parking nearby the entrance of the festival grounds. This is at your own risk!


Change the name on your ticket

We can change the name on your ticket for you. We ask a small fee (€4,95) for this.

Change your name by filling in the form.

What does personalization mean?

We will personalize all tickets. This means that every ticket is linked to an unique name and e-mail address. In this way we can reach everyone (for example with nice promotions), and we try to prevent black trade and usury sales.

Note: if you have not yet personalized your ticket, you will not receive it in your inbox!

Tickets resort & camping

Please note that ‘camping accommodation packages’ means an upsell/upgrade. So you need a ‘normal’ camping ticket to purchase one of the accommodation upgrades.

For example: if you want to stay in a tipi (for two persons), you need to buy two WAE weekender tickets including camping + one tipi.

I have a question regarding my ticket

Paylogic is our ticket partner and they are very happy to help you through their customer service.

I didn’t receive/lost my ticket

Have you lost your ticket, or have you never received it? First check your spambox. No ticket to be found? Do not panic! Click here. Enter your e-mail address with which you have purchased the ticket(s). Paylogic will now send all valid tickets that are registered to that e-mail address.

Did you forgot to personalize your ticket? Just fill in the received email that says: “additional info needed”.

You filled in the additional info but still no tickets? Click here.
This is the personalization of your ticket. If you fill this in you will receive your ticket!

Selling your ticket

Did you buy too much tickets or are you unable to join us for whatever reason? That’s sad!
We do not buy the tickets back, but we always recommend to put your ticket on so you can make someone else happy with your tickets.


With CJP you get a € 5 discount on tickets for We Are Electric. This discount applies to tickets with and without camping. You can order a maximum of two tickets per CJP-pass. Click here for more information.