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5/6/7 July '19 Velderwoods

  • Live music with an electronic soul

  • Live music with an electronic soul

  • Live music with an electronic soul

  • Live music with an electronic soul


Our artists

    • Sunday

    The Chemical Brothers

    Another one and another one and another one of those block rockin’ beats. That sums up the long career of The Chemical Brothers. Still going strong after their debut in the mid-nineties. The Brothers have worked it out ever since. Up until their new album ‘No Geography’.

    • Saturday

    Disclosure DJ Set

    If there is one act that embodies live music with an electronic soul, it’s Disclosure. They close the gap between pop and dance. These festival favorites are brothers in arms in their goal of taking the audience on an amazing dance trip. Give them two turntables and you get their hits, their favorites and the best dance of the moment.

    • Friday

    Eric Prydz

    You may know him from Call On Me, but that was in 2004. In the fifteen years after Eric Prydz did some amazing things. He is now famous because of his amazing live sets where anything can happen. His house, techno and other ventures, but most of all his years of experience make his live sets for the audience memories to never forget.

    • Friday

    Richie Hawtin Closer

    The force inside Richie Hawtin to push himself to do new things, cover new ground and to reach new heights is impressive. The minimal techno godfather operates under household names like Plasticman and F.U.S.E.. With Closer he challenges the gap between live and DJ’ing in a way only Hawtin can.

    • Saturday

    Oscar and the Wolf

    Howling at the moon at night, making magnificent electropop during the day. That is the way how Oscar and the Wolf spend their time. The Belgian group fronted by Max Colombie is an experienced festival favourite. Listen, dance and become part of the wolfpack.

    • Friday

    Nina Kraviz

    Your favourite producer is coming to the Netherlands to give you some techno to sink your teeth in. She recently celebrated the 20th release of her techno-label трип (Trip) with an astounding compilation. A bit like her sets, it leaves you with your mouth open.

    • Sunday

    Alan Walker

    He is the great unifier. Through his music, lyrics and videos Alan Walker unites young people in the joy of hearing excellent European dance music. The British/Norwegian producer lets people party together and makes them feel they belong to the same generation. The ultimate now-music.

    • Friday

    Pendulum DJ set

    • Friday

    San Holo

    Future sounds are knocking on the door of San Holo to ask how they have to sound. He owns the recipe to combine trap and future bass with fragile melody. But pay attention: the Dutch musician can turn the place upside down in a matter of seconds if he is up to it. He possesses the weapons of dance destruction.

    • Saturday

    The Blaze

    The French duo is not only known because of their warm dance sound, their iconic music videos have made them a legendary name in the genre as well. The Blaze is a perfect festival act where live music meets electronic souls.

    • Saturday

    Charlotte de Witte

    There is a Belgian techno boss moving up north this summer. Charlotte de Witte is a household name at the Belgian Festivals Tomorrowland, Pukkelpop and Laundry Day. De Witte, fka Raving George, is known because of her dark, minimal and chilling techno. And, of course, for killer performances. She is taking techno to new limits at We Are Electric.

    • Sunday


    His bag of experience and work is filled with amazing performances and superior drum ‘n bass. However, the Belgian producer can still surprise you. Just recently in his collaboration with Stargate where dnb collided with r&b. There is hardly anything Netsky can’t do.

    • Saturday

    Ronnie Flex & Deuxperience

    One of the, if not THE, hottest rappers in the Netherlands made a show specially for the clubs and festival with an impressive band. Ronnie Flex is one of those talents you only see once in a few years. Young, gifted and always delivering a great performance.




Line-up Disco Snolly

🇳🇱 Staying Alive is een eitje met Disco Snolly. Groovy music baby!
🇬🇧 Staying Alive is easy with Disco Snolly. Groovy music baby!

Keezus Christus • Disco Snolly Live Band • Team Disco Snolly
BonYouri • Boogie Fever • Chaka Stan • De Manager • Disco Nico • Diskopogo • Hella • Joepie Fourtie • Johannes IV • Ronna Summer • Rovadon • Samuel Monty

Line-up RGB/Silent Disco complete!


Party all day with major artists such as The Chemical Brothers, Disclosure DJ set, Eric Prydz & Richie Hawtin Closer. Rave all night on the camping with not one, not two, but three parties in one.

Biki90 | Club Pompeh Maer DJ’s: We Are Keaz, Kabaal op ’t Kanaal, Men in Black, Single & Easy, DJ Döner & MC Kebabs | Tripoloski Boys Invites

Biki90 | Yung Petsi | Hitszone

Biki90| Boolin’ | Herrie met Gerrie

Open call for talent

Upcoming Talent,

This year at We Are Electric Weekender 2019 we have something special for you! SMIRNOFF opens up the stage with their OPEN SESSIONS! Are you a badass singer? Musician is your middle name? You have DJ-skills to the max? Or something else that shows your musical talent (we are open to everything)? Sign up by filling in the form, and who knows we will invite you to come and set the stage on fire!

We will choose the coolest talents and let them perform on the SMIRNOFF stage during We Are Electric Weekender 2019. That’s right: you will perform ON one of the We Are Electric Weekender stages!

Sign up before June 25, 2019. The winners will hear from us before July 3rd , 2019



Partying makes us hungry, therefore we have multiple food options. All delicious, and for everybody something different. Let’s see what makes YOU slobber.

Food = Life

Are you a meat lover? Definitely try an XXL beef burger from barbeque champions GasZinker. Wanna go international? Eat a delizioso pizza from Perfect Pizza, or enjoy some Mexican spices from Willy Nacho. Not feeling it? We also have waffles from Wafelbus, smoothies from Zomoetie, worldclass potatoes from D’n Gedraaide Aardappel, tasty sandwiches from Melksnor & so on!


Whether you have allergies or avoiding foods for personal reasons: we’ve got your back.

Do you have a gluten allergy? No worries! We provide different options for all visitors.
For a good gluten free meal you have to check-out stands at our Fabulous Food Lane or grab a bite at Roll or bowlVega met Ballen or Piepers en Rund.

Looking for some vegetarian or vegan options? We got this covered. Bring a visit to stands such as It’s a wrapRoll or BowlVega met Ballen or Sranang.

Lactose intolerant? You find great, big meals at Vega met Ballen and Roll or Bowl.

Fabulous Food Lane

The Fabulous Food Lane is the place to be for all your festival food cravings! They have all the festival foods you need to endure a festival weekend. Looking for a place to get some fried goods? Just go to Frietje Bell. Have a hunker for some meat? No Worries! We have Burger BrothersKees Kebab and Pulled for you. Go and check out Sranang for real authentic Surinamese food. And of course there ain’t nothing like a chickenwing! At Kiep they got enough chicken to fulfill all you chicken needs.


Eat, sleep, rave, repeat: starving is not an option during We Are Electric Weekender. The camping supermarket is improved and this year packed with multiple dishes. In need for a tasty sandwich? Check! That headache asks for a coffee? Check out Noord Coffee! Hangover sausages? Check! We got you covered with eggs, muffins, fruit, pancakes & so on. A real hangover-breakfast.


Decided to come & visit our festival? Awesome! Check out the fastest way to get here.


Found a cab? The taxi place is near the festival entrance. From here you can already see- and hear the festival. The taxi will get as near as possible to the entrance, but you have to walk a few steps to get the party started.

Bus tours

There will be bus tours from different Dutch cities to We Are Electric Weekender with a comfortable touring car, a friendly driver and the music on! Click here for more information.


You can take the shuttle bus from Boxtel Station to We Are Electric Weekender and back. Check out departure times and then buy here your ticket!


Departure times – to We Are Electric Weekender.

From 09:00 to 17:00, buses drives every 20 minutes from Station Boxtel to We Are Electric Weekender.

Departure times – Back from We Are Electric Weekender.

To Station Boxtel:
Bus 1: 18:30
Bus 2: 19:30
Bus 3: 20:30
Bus 4: 21:30
Bus 5: 22:30
Last bus: 23:45

To Station ‘s-Hertogenbosch:
Bus 1: 1:30
Last bus: 3:30

To Station Eindhoven:
Bus 1: 1:30
Last bus: 3:30

Pay attention! Above times are indication times!


Departure times – To We Are Electric Weekender.

From 13.00 till 18.00, buses drive every 20 minutes from Station Boxtel to We Are Electric Weekender.

Departure times – From We Are Electric Weekender.

To Station Boxtel:
Bus 1: 20:30
Bus 2: 21:30
Bus 3: 22:30
Bus 4: 23:00
Last bus: 23:45

To Station ‘s-Hertogenbosch:
Bus 1: 1:30
Last bus: 3:30

To Station Eindhoven:
Bus 1: 1:30
Last bus: 3:30

Pay attention! Above times are indication times!


Departure times – To We Are Electric Weekender

From Station Boxtel

Bus 1: 13:00
Bus 2: 14:00
Bus 3: 15:00
Bus 4: 16:00
Bus 5: 17:00

Departure times – From We Are Electric Weekender

To Station Boxtel:
Bus 1: 20:30
Bus 2: 21:30
Bus 3: 22:30
Bus 4: 23:30
Last bus: 23:45

To Station ‘s-Hertogenbosch:
Bus 1: 1:30

To Station Eindhoven:
Bus 1: 1:30

Pay attention! Above times are indication times!

On Monday July 8th, buses will drive continuously from the event to Station Boxtel between 08.00 till 13.00 o’clock.

Good to know

Make sure you order a ticket for the day you want to travel. You can choose which day you want to return. The tickets are not connected to certain times, you can choose which bus you pick.

The tickets you order are return tickets and costs € 10 each. At location they cost € 15 each.

For more information, click here.


You can park your car nearby the party area for a small amount. Parking tickets are on sale, click here.

Note: there are a number of disabled parking spaces available, but these are all unpaved (grass).

Public transport

In the mood for taking the train or the bus? Some advice: the fastest and easiest way is to take the train or bus to Station Boxtel. From here you can take a bus directly to the nearest bus station or you can take a shuttle bus directly to the festival terrain.
The website can help you plan your trip.

By bike…

How sporty! You will find the official We Are Electric Weekender bicycle parking nearby the entrance of the festival grounds. Please do not throw your bikes everywhere! The bicycle storage is monitored and costs € 1 per day. You can follow the signs that lead you to the entrance of the grounds to get to the bicycle storage.

By car…

Then you will not just get lost! In Boxtel there will be signs everywhere that point you to the parking places. Here, you are also helped by stewards. Find the fastest way by entering the following address to your navigation system: Velder 10, 5298 LE Liempde.

Kiss & Ride

Follow the signs and instructions from the traffic staff to get to the Kiss & Ride area. Sweet, sweet kisses and then.. ride.


We Are Electric Weekender takes place at Velder Woods in Boxtel, about 10 km below Den Bosch. The festival site is located at Landgoed Velder in Liempde.

Put the following address in your navigation system;
Velder 10, 5298 LE Liempde

Smèrrig line-up compleet!

Alle twerkende achterwerken verzamelen: SMÈRRIG komt We Are Electric Weekender 2019 (OFFICIAL) drie dagen lang heter dan heet maken!

SMÈRRIG Diskjochies | Puinhoop Kollektiv | Biggi & Elton Jonathan | Dansado & de Feestneger
DAISY | Bonxo | Chimp
Sjannies | Fab x Paans | Raywell | Praia del Sol
Braeff | PnB Soundsystem | Chamos | Johan Discomo | Genta | Brocco | 10Weeks | Kevanova | Vieze Vedi | Jailhouse Jimmy | Derek Shots | Sojuju | Mooikaap Maikel | Hosted by: Lindley Davis

→ Check alle hostings & de volledige line-up via

→ Check de line-up video hier.

Camping improvements: 8 things you should know

We improved the camping massively!

  • 🏕 More square meters per person

Last year we calculated not enough square meters per person. This year we gave that number a boost.

  • 🌞 Damn: temperatures went through the roof last year

Our motto this year: be prepared and stay hydrated.
Expect more spots in the shade to keep you cool and relaxed.

  • 💤  Sleeping next to the festival

The campsite is waaaay closer to the festival area.

  • 🌞 Remember that path that was leading you from the camping to the festival?

Got your shoes full of sand last year? That is now a thing of the past because the paths are paved!

  • 🚽 Better facilities! Comforting you is our mission.

Clean toilets and showers: more cleaning teams, more cleaning hours, cleaner facilities for you to use. Clean, clean, clean.

  • 😋 Partying makes us hungry.

This year the food line-up is bigger than ever. More food, all day long, freshly prepared and delicious as **.

  • 💦 Water is always a good idea!

So this year we have more water than ever.

  • 🍻 Beer fanatic, this one is for you.

Buy your ice-cold beers during the pre-sale. Pick them at the Heineken House at the campsite. Buy your beer now!

Hosting by Future House Music

Get a glimpse of the future of dance with the artists of Future House Music. Combining deep house, UK Garage and EDM into future house the Future House Music roster has his own impressive sound. Check the music of the future. The Pulse is hosting by Future House Music at Friday.

Hosting by HYTE

It is the Hyte hype. The excitement you feel when you hear the music coming from the impressive, global event organization for underground electronic music. They bring the best of the best to We Are Electric. HYTE will hosting the Pulse at Saturday

Become our We Are Electric ambassador!

We Are Electric Weekender is back! Let’s make this a special one. For a great edition we need a great crowd. That’s where you come in. Besides, who will be the best one to convince their friends they NEED to go to We Are Electric Weekender 2019? Yeah, that’s you!

Join us by becoming an official We Are Electric ambassador, and earn awesome rewards by bringing your friends to We Are Electric Weekender 2019. We’re talking about nice activities (such as a backstage tour, a feature in the aftermovie) for you and your mates, free tickets, free tokens and so on. And besides that, becoming a We Are Electric ambassador means you’re part of the team. How cool is that?

How does it work?
It’s quite simple: sell tickets for WAE Weekender 2019 to you friends, and earn points by doing that. The more points you earn, the more rewards you can get for you and your mates. You can redeem your points in the WAE ambassador shop (ambassador dashboard). And because partying alone is a bit boring: your friends will also get a small discount on the tickets they buy from you.

How can I join?
First things thirst: sign up as a brand ambassador here, And then:
1. Create an ambassador account
2. Log into your account and click on: ‘Start selling tickets to your friends’
3. Select the ticket type and the number of tickets you want to sell to your friend
4. Enter your friend’s name, email address, and phone number to send him/her an invitation to buy a ticket from you. Easy!

Questions? Comments?
Our community manager ‘Angie’ is here to answer all your questions about the ambassador system. She can also give you advice about boosting your sales, and last but not least: she will give you the freshest festival updates!

Hosting by Spinnin Sessions

You may not be aware that your (virtual) record collection is filled with Spinnin Records. The Dutch label is the biggest dance label in the world with Afrojack, Sander van Doorn and Nicky Romero on its impressive roster. It is a hosting that can’t miss at WAE. Spinnin Sessions will host the Pulse at Sunday.

A 3 day hosting by Rampage!

Who you gonna call if you want drum ‘n bass? Rampage of course. They always deliver what their name predicts. For three days they have their own stage at We Are Electric Weekender 2019. And every day they break the place down with the biggest names in the scene. And when we say big, we mean drum ‘n bass veterans and the biggest dubstep names, worldwide! Stay tuned for more details.