16 April

Camping Survival Guide

Weekender 2018

Whether it’s your first camping festival or you’re a seasoned veteran, run through our WAE Camping Guide before you pack for Velder Woods. Here’s a list of suggested camping supplies, from slightly rando to no-brainer. Check it:


Nothing quite tops the feeling of the sun beating down on your face as you break it down on the dance floor with your friends during an epic set. That feeling of pure joy can quickly downward spiral into pure, sunburned agony if you don’t wear sunscreen. The higher the SPF, the better… And while you’re at it, pack a hat & some cheap sunglasses. Buckets are back with a vengeance & so are ‘90s rave shades from your nearest street vendor. We’ve got no qualms with rocking that look from dawn till dusk.


If you’re starting to feel thirsty, you’re already behind on staying hydrated. The week before the festival, make sure you start drinking plenty of water, and also fluids with electrolytes.

Pack a personal refillable water bottle and some bigger coolers for your campsite to share with your friends. It’s such a sad sight when there are plastic water bottles littered all over the beautiful festival grounds. Help us keep the campsite clean!


We’ll have a plentiful supply of food vendors on-site to cater to your diet preferences and needs. It’s always good to pack some non-perishable snacks though. Some suggestions we have are the following:

-Raw almonds
-Pumpkin seeds
-Peanut Butter

Or, go for the hardcore festival diet: potato chips, lukewarm beer, and hotdogs out of a can with some cheap mayonaise. Not how we should do it, but we know you do anyway.


The festival goes on till deep into the night, and you can never know for sure if the temperature will drop. Make sure you pack some long sleeves, sweatshirts and a light, waterproof jacket.

5. zzZZZzzzz

Pack earplugs! It’s always important to protect your ears when you’re dancing at the stages, but earplugs will also be helpful getting you to sleep. The campground noise levels can sometimes escalate, and if you want to go to sleep straight away, just pop those in and say GOODNIGHT. Or join the party, that’s up to you…

Did we mention the festival goes on till 3AM?


Sometimes it’s nice to unplug a little from your phone. Pack a disposable or polaroid camera for some spontaneous shots. If you bring a polaroid, it’ll also be fun to gift photos to people you party with throughout the weekend.


Create your own basecamp with inflatable stuff (unicorns, for example) and balloons, to make sure you can regroup without getting lost in our Electric Village. The weirder, the better!

What are your go-to camping tips?