05 July

Code red

Weekender 2018

With temperatures like this there’s an official “code red” given by the local authorities. No panic, but please keep note;

-Stay hydrated, eat well, and take your time to cool off. Take care of yourself and others around you and go easy on alcohol

-We have free sunscreen at the festival. It is allowed to bring it with you, as long as it isn’t in spray bottles

-We have free water taps at the toilet units

-BBQ’s, heaters, disposable gascookers, electric cookers etc; these are all strictly prohibited by local law. We know this sucks but can’t make any exceptions. There’s warm food available at the campsite supermarket (and festival)

-Partytents are allowed, with a max size of 3x3m

-Dispose your cigarette buds in the designated cigarette bins. Don’t drop it like it’s hot, you’re not Snoop Dogg

With all this in mind, let’s not dwell on the rules too much. Enjoy yourselves and others! The festival and campsite is looking greater than ever and we can’t wait to have you back.