15 June


Weekender 2018

How did you guys come up with the concept?

Reza Fathi (one of the two owners) has been throwing parties within the more commercial-house scene since 2006. In 2010, he decided to quit organizing these kinds of parties and started searching for a gap in the music market with co-owner, Mer Hajbarati. In 2012, they found their niche in the scene with tech-house and UK-house music. Later that year, their organisation, VERKNIPT, was formed, and we started to throw parties.

Why this particular music genre?
During the first year(s) of Verknipt, mostly UK-house and tech-house was our focus. Gradually, we were increasingly focusing on the tech-house and techno genres. In the party scene, we didn’t mimic other brands and became trendsetters. We formed a community around new producers and DJs, with fresh new music input into the techno scene.

Where was the first Verknipt edition?
The first edition of Verknipt was an unofficial after-party of Awakenings Festival at Club Roses in Amsterdam in June 2012. The first edition was a big success and completely sold-out.

What’s the musical ethos of Verknipt?
At Verknipt, we think outside of the box. Our name already says it: we are Verknipt. We try to be different from others and show this by offering a wide range of music styles, from techno, to house, to tech-house and everything in between. However, our indoor-parties are more focused on techno and tech-house. With our festival, we also have a stage with house classics and hits from the 90s and 00s.

What can we expect from the We Are Electric showcase?
Expect 3 days filled with a wide variation of talented artists, both national and international. Verknipt offers a broad range of techno styles and everything taken together creates a unique experience for visitors.

Any not-to-miss sets for this upcoming edition?
Haeken, Mirella Kroes, Colin Benders, Juan Sanchez & ROD!

The Verknipt vibe is the reason Verknipt stands out among many other promoters at the moment, and why we fell in love with you guys. How did that vibe come about?
During the creation of a new concept, we try to put everything in a Verknipt-style in advance. Our vibe can be recognized through the show itself, the line-up, the sound system, the light show, effects and fitting marketing strategies to broaden our scope. Together, these factors form the experience as a whole. Furthermore, our visitors are from all ages, places and cultures, but have one thing in common; they are techno-music lovers at heart. This makes our vibe complete.

Any show secrets we can look out for?
Secrets are secrets! Just come by and find out for yourself. wink

Do you have any other big plans for 2018 and beyond that fans can put in the calendar?
Of course, we have a lot of big plans coming soon!

- Verknipt Festival 2018 at our beautiful new location in Utrecht on the 28th of July
- Amsterdam Dance Event 2018: 5 showcases organized by Verknipt
- Verknipt: 6 Years Anniversary
…. and more!

Lastly, do you have some festival tips for our visitors, seeing as you guys are the ultimate pro’s?
It’s very easy: 1) Be prepared, 2) Wear comfortable shoes, as you will dance the whole day and night away 3) Celebrate safe at WAE 2018!

Check out the Verknipt x We Are Electric playlist here!