29 June

WAE Packing List

Weekender 2018

With ONLY ONE WEEK TO GO till We Are Electric Weekender 2018, it’s time to start thinking about what to pack for Velder Woods. Below you’ll find a starter checklist for basic and outside the box items.


Don’t leave home without the following:
• Wallet
• ID
• Festival Tickets (mobile or printed)
• Sleeping Bags, air matress & Bedding (We have an air matress inflate service)
• Powerbank (there’s no electricity on the campsite, so make sure your power bank is charged!)
• Cooler (you would prefer a nice and cold beer over a luke warm one, right?)
• Flashlight
• Inflatables (bring your weirdest inflatables to the splash pool party, and don’t forget the crocodile to throw at our mainstage!)
• Sunscreen (We’re aiming for a sun-kissed glow, not an excruciating burn) Sunscreen is allowed on the festivalsite as long as it isn’t in a spraybottle!
• Sunglasses
• Bug spray (we’re in a forest, remember)
• Toilet Paper (better safe than sorry!)
• Flag, balloon (to ID campsite)
• Earplugs (for sleeping & dancing)
• Snacks (being hangry is not an option) BBQ’s & gas bottles are not allowed due to local laws and the dry weather. Pro tips: get some bread, sandwiches, canned sausages & the likes. Pasta & pizza can also be enjoyed cold! You will find all other food and beverages at the camping supermarket, including breakfast and lunch.

Also don’t forget to:
• Get your tokens in advance. (You can collect those on the festival grounds at a separate desk. And remember: pre-ordering means no waiting in line ánd saving some money)
• Pre-order an ice cold Tray of Heineken Beer for just €21,- for the perfect start of the festival! (available till 29th of June)
• Pre-order your parking ticket. (again, pre-ordering saves money)