Attention please. Be all ears for one of the biggest dj’s in the world to perform at We Are Electric. It is the magic dancemouse, the most dangerous rodent behind the decks. Back in full effect: Deadmau5.


The legendary four horsemen of the bass-scene will always remain part of the We Are Electric family and they wave goodbye with a mission to tear down the (very low) roof in this place. Besides sadness there will be excitement, joy and adrenaline when ‘Banganagangbangers invites’ will host the most epic goodbye party you will ever see.

BeeVee x Pyne (Give it Dub)

Part of Bangana invites

BIOS (Saturate Records)

Part of Bangana invites


After retiring in 2014 there was still an itch to get back on stage. Tired from scratching they are back. Boemklatsch, the collective from Utrecht, combining hiphop with electro, bass, dubstep and everything you can dance to, can’t wait to release their saved-up energy on the dancefloor.

Chris Liebing

Wherever there is a Hyte party there is Chris Liebing. The German techno powerhouse has regularly teamed up with kindred spirit Speedy J. Amongst a thousand other things. Liebing is producer, dj, label owner, podcast host. An unstoppable force in techno for decades.

Colin Benders

Watch this guy plug in cables, turn knobs and find a perfect dance tune. Colin Benders is glued to his modular synthesizer. The man and the machine are now combined to a driving dance force. Look and listen, and you’ll be blown away.


Here it is, your opportunity to see Dynoro in action. Finally. The Lithuanian mastermind behind the remix of ‘In My Mind’ is not only responsible for a Gigi d’Agostino-revival, he has also established his own sound in just a few songs, with crisp and pulsating beats. Fresh and sparkling. A new sound for the dance generation.


A true Monstercat legend. Feint was part of the very first release of the Monstercat label in 2011. The British producer stayed true to his label and to the banging drum & bass with an important melodic component ever since. Feint makes you move.


​If he keeps up this pace, Fluoresce will be a worldwide star in a few years. Nox resident since June, a first single a week later, an amazing show at the We Are Electric Weekender and crazy mixes since. Keep an eye on him, he is in orbit before you know it.

French II

Part of Bangana invites


Funtcase is becoming a regular at We Are Electric. It might be the mask, his take no prisoners mentality behind the decks or just the ecstatic vibe you get during one of his shows filled with pounding drum & bass and dubstep. You just never want to let him go.

Guerilla Speakerz

​Part of Bangana invites


Part of Bangana invites


Part of Bangana invites


Nox-resident Madster is as versatile as you can get. The Dutch DJ can take it from drum & bass to dubstep, electro and beyond if necessary. Whatever the night needs, he provides. Madster skills.

Marcel Dettmann

A Berghain resident, Hard Wax senior, Berlin familiar face and all-round techno legend. Marcel Dettmann combines all these roles in one modest, yet stunning, producer and dj. A master of well-balanced techno sets.


​Part of Bangana invites

Mr. Mt

Beats and bass, dub and step, Mr. Mt combines the Jamaican dub with the European dancefloors. What you get is a very deep and danceable sound, build on bass full of groove. No Nox-night is complete without Mr. Mt doing the ground work.


Belgian legend Murdock has been on the forefront of drum & bass since the early years. As a (radio) dj, producer, label owner, festival founder and talent scout, he has seen and done it all. He is the man behind the Rampage festival, helped Netsky become a superstar and as a musician he has never been bothered by apparent boundaries in style. For Murdock there is drum and bass and beyond.


​Part of Bangana invites


Just like nymphomaniacs, Nymfo-fans are looking for hot and steamy nights. The difference is that Nymfo fills those with deep and dirty drum & bass, combined with a liquid touch. The Dutch producer and DJ will make it hot and sweaty.

Robert Hood

You can only have a decent festival with a direct line to Detroit. Robert Hood, one of the legends of an already legendary city, is coming to We Are Electric. Nowadays a master in subtle shifting techno and beautiful minimalism. Hood takes the music to an entirely different level.

Special guest

We want to scream it from the top of our lungs, but we are not allowed to reveal the name yet. Just know there will be some very special guest. Stay tuned!


Tinlicker, with their finger licking good techno and deep house, keeps on releasing killer tracks from their Utrecht studio. Releasing on Anjunabeats, with the support of Deadmau5, Micha Heyboer and Jordi van Achthoven are still gearing up for even better shows, productions and crowds.


If you like the raw and gritty house, old school from Chicago and Detroit, you have to hear Titia. The queen of titty tunes is a regular at Tresor, De School, Sugarfactory, Dekmantel, Disco Dolly and the big Dutch festivals. Titia takes you deeper than you have ever been.