Live music with an electronic soul

Our line-up

The Prodigy

Ask Siri for the best, hardest, banging beats. And Siri will answer: listen to The Prodigy. These are the godfathers of the big beat rave punk. Britain’s finest in beats.


Eric Prydz

As a solo artist, Prydz has headlined some of the world’s most storied venues, from Madison Square Garden to Brixton Academy and Alexandra Palace, earned multiple Grammy nominations, hosted an ongoing radio show for Beats1 and topped charts with his alter-egos Pryda and Cirez D.

Despite the headline-grabbing shows and releases, Prydz remains reclusive. It’s his dedication to his craft as a producer and DJ that leaves him in the highly enviable and singular position of appealing to dance music’s underground connoisseurs and main-stage masses alike.


Every venue can point to cracks in the building and tell you when it was that Justice performed and wrecked the place. These French guys blow you away with their relentless clash of different dance styles.


Paul Kalkbrenner

Guten Tag and how are you doing? Probably better when you hear Paul Kalkbrenner is performing at We Are Electric. The German techno mastermind did a massive Back To The Future Tour last year and is now gearing up for the European festival summer.


Oliver Heldens

In Dutch the word Helden means heroes and one of our bigger heroes is Oliver Heldens. In just a few years he went from beinga young adolescent with a record deal at Spinnin’ Records to becoming the Heldeep Records founder, respected podcaster, dj, producer and performer. Taking future house to another level.


Dave Clarke

Finally there is a new album from one of the most interesting producers and dj’s in our time. The Desecration of Desire is the title of the new Dave Clarke album. It’s heavy, it’s dark, it’s everything what we have been waiting for.



The Slovenian phenomenon Gramatik combines hiphop with low temperatures aka cool music. The man is productive as hell. He just might produce another album in the time you read this.


De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig

Let’s not talk about their bodies, they are young at heart so no need to change the band’s name. Still going strong after all those years. Copied by many, surpassed by no one. De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig is still in a league of their own combining hiphop, dance and pure fun.



Never before did so much attendants of a Dutch festival sing in French. But when MHD performed at the Lowlands Festival last summer everybody knew the words. What a party. The king of Afrotrap is learning a whole country to speak and sing French, the most fun way possible.



DJ Set

Modeselektor has become the massive festival favorite in the last years. Wether it’s as Modeselektor, Moderat or just a djset, they always leave a lasting memory. The German geniuses seem to perfectly pick up on the vibe and enhance it with the best tunes you never heard of. Magic.



All you have to do in music is count to 4. Four to the floor. And all we do is wait for Netsky to count to 4 after releasing three brilliant albums. We want 4, because this guy is making the best drum and bass we know. Counting down to see him perform.



DJ Set

From the north of the Netherlands to the rest of the world, Noisia is the dominant force behind drum and bass in Holland and far beyond. An inspiration for just about everyone. An institution of quality music, resourcefulness and experience.



With his fluorescent hair, fluorescent shirt and fluorescent beats Slushii is giving us the perfect sugar rush. The young American is mixing all kinds of music, from trap to future bass and progressive house. You just have to remember it’s damn fine music.


Benny Rodrigues

He can go the house way or the techno way. He can be Benny Rodrigues or Rod Malmok, but what he always will be is the dj that plays the best tunes he can think of and not the crowdpleasers or the easy way out. So you better be prepared to be surprised.


Black Sun Empire

Here at We Are Electric headquarters we blow up our speakers on a weekly basis. Always at the time when someone thinks it’s a good idea to start up some blazin’ drum & bass by Black Sun Empire. Everyone starts screaming louder until the moment our umpteenth speakers is broken. Thanks a lot BSE, there is a speaker graveyard in our storage now.


Chocolate Puma

It has been 25 years since these guys met in Haarlem and in those years they made up almost just as much names for their projects. The two good men follow one red line through all those years and that is the quest to make the best house tunes. Just listen and learn.



These two are responsible for the hiphop club bangers in The Netherlands. AlwaysBizzey and Stylez are well known for their sound and ready to be famous for being Equalz.


Jacin Trill

Jacin Trill represents the hot new hiphop sound from Hoorn. Wether he likes it or not. It’s fresh, original and has the best vibe. Last year he made the whole country smile with his Happyland ep and of course Kspreyopjebytch. Thrilling.


Kraantje Pappie

Back again and no surprise it’s another hit. Whatever he seems to do there is always succes. Wether it’s Pompen or it’s Ja with Bizzey, Kraantje Pappie is the man at the top of the charts. And the winning streak is continued on stage. Wherever there is Kraantje there is a party you’ve never seen before.


San Holo

Whether it is his ep’s, his collaborations, his remixes or his dj sets, San Holo is immensely popular. It’s hard to keep up with his stream of high quality releases of trap, future bass and everything far beyond.




No longer in his twenties but just as vital as when he released OK Cowboy. His latest release Voyager showed he still got it all. An electroforce to be reckoned with. Live at We Are Electric.


Yung Nnelg

It is a run up to something big what Young Nnelg is doing at the moment. The country is getting to know the talented young rapper and he is gearing up for the bigger venues, the bigger festivals and even better tunes than the great ones he already made. It’s just the beginning for Yung Nnelg.


Zwart Licht

Zwart Licht used to tear the place apart during their shows. After a four year break they are finally back and ready to rumble. Where hiphop and dance meet an unstoppable energy breaks free.


+ More to be announced!

We are thrilled to announce our guest DJ “more to be announced” again this year. Hope he doesn’t cancel right before the festival, like he did previous editions.