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-Terms & conditions

Click the following link for the terms & conditions:

Age: 18+

We Are Electric Weekender is an 18+ festival. If your 18th birthday happens to be on the day of the festival, you’re more than welcome. We can’t promise we’ll bring cake.

Charging service

Power banks are available at the merchandise stand at the festival and the camping supermarket.


Got other questions? We’re available at


​Please note we go on deep into the night on Friday and Saturday (3AM). If you want to make it to home/train/bus in time, please note our headliners can perform at times too late to take a train.

All Weekender tickets include access to the campsite, so bring your tent and join the party! Home is lame anyway.


We’ll announce our food line-up in spring 2018. Yup, we’ll provide vegetarian and vegan options as well.

Foodtruck at WAE

On a weekly basis, we receive a lot of registrations and requests from foodtrucks and caterers who want to be part of our festival. This is why we’ve created a form in cooperation with You can apply at and we’ll have all the information we need!

By clicking on the link above, you can create an account and afterwards fill in the details about your foodtruck or concept and select that you’re interested in our festival.

If you have any questions about the form, you can contact!


It is not allowed to bring your own drinks, sunscreen, deodorant or other liquids to the festival site.


We have lockers near the entrance. You can rent them at the festival! We don’t have lockers at the campsite.


Do you use medication?

It is wise to send an e-mail to, otherwise it is possible that the medicines are not allowed at the festival site.


We Are Merch! Get the right festivallook and shop t-shirts, caps, bags and more via our online merchandise store. Visit

Buying your merchandise on the festival itself is also possible.

Opening hours


Friday, July 6th 09h - Monday, july 9h 12.00


Friday, July 6th

14h - 03h

Saturday, July 7th

13h - 03h

Sunday, July 8th

13h - 01h

Payment methods (tokens)

At We Are Electric you pay for drinks and food with tokens. You can purchase these tokens at the different cashier points using cash or a debitcard (Maestro)

Perform at We Are Electric?

Do you want to introduce your act to the WAE bookers and have a shot at performing at our festival this summer? Make sure you fill in this form before the 20th of April 2018. Applications that are sent in after this date will not be taken into consideration.

The form will help the WAE bookers to contain the overview and to book only the bands that are really fit for the festival. If they are interested, they will contact you. Therefore, there will be no use in contacting us through other platforms according this subject.

Note: As indicated in the form; this is not a competition, which means there won’t be a winner. If there is a numerous amount of acts that our bookers consider fitting for We Are Electric, they will choose multiple acts to perform. That’s it!

Therefore, we are unable to say in advance if there will be any acts that are going to be booked, that depends on the applications we get. Just hope and see!

Smoking policy

It is forbidden to smoke sigarets inside the festival tents, this will be strictly controlled. Of course it is allowed to smoke cigarets outside the festival tents.


We’ll release the timetable somewhere in june. Our day-to-day schedule can be found at the line-up page!​


-Terms & conditions

Click the following link for the terms & conditions:


Unfortunately, there won’t be room available to bring your own caravan or camper to the WAE camping. We tried our best to find a fitting solution for this problem and we’ve checked out all the possibilities. We are still exploring our new venue, during this proces we found out that the capacity of our new camping will not cover enough space to allow the amount of campers requested.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.


​Entrance to the campsite is included in all Full Weekender tickets. Please note access to the campsite is not included with daytickets!

Electric Paradise

Make sure to check out Electric Paradise - our pre-set accommodations where you have to worry for nothing.

Opening hours


Friday, July 6th 09h - Monday, july 9h 12.00


Friday, July 6th

14h - 03h

Saturday, July 7th

13h - 03h

Sunday, July 8th

13h - 01h


Box office

If the festival does not sell out in advance, there will be a box office in front of festival entrance.


​Entrance to the campsite is included in all Full Weekender tickets. Please note access to the campsite is not included with daytickets!

Changing the name on tickets

Have you bought your tickets, but are suddenly unable to come, but a friend/family member/acquaintance wants to use your ticket? No problem at all, but you do have to change the name on the ticket. You can easily do so by clicking on the following link:


For us, you’re just not just a number. We like to get to know you! That way we can reach to our full community and create cool things like Loyalty sales.

That’s why you don’t receive your tickets immediately after paying - you need to give in the full name & e-mail address of everyone who’s coming. Don’t worry, you don’t need to do this asap, we’ll give you some time to gather this info!

Places to get tickets

As you might have noticed, there are multiple ways to get tickets. To avoid confusion, we’ve listed the places where you can buy your tickets safely.

Official tickets
Verve ambassadors
With a CJP card – Use our own website to apply the discount of the CJP card

Have you already bought your ticket, but are you suddenly unable to come? No worries: you can safely sell them via


​Questions regarding your tickets? Please head over to Paylogic, our ticketpartner!

Tickets can not be shared

Tickets and wristbands can not be shared. For example: one 3-day ticket can only be used by one person, not two or three.

Verve / ambassadors

Calling all die-hard WAE fans! If you’re as passionate about the festival as we are, here’s your chance to become an official WAE ambassador. Earn tickets, Electric Resort accommodations and more by selling tickets through our official festival partner, VERVE. Check it over here:


Press questions

Got any press-related questions? Want to shoot some pics on our festival? Contact our PR department at!

Payment plans

- Payment plans

The first term for our payment plan is already passed, so you can’t order new tickets through our payment plan. You need to pay your new tickets in one go, from now on!

Hoe werkt gespreid betalen?

Je selecteert de tickets die je voor We Are Electric wilt kopen. Het totaalbedrag wordt in drieën gedeeld. Het eerste deel van het totaalbedrag betaal je via iDEAL en het resterende bedrag wordt op 2 latere momenten door middel van automatische incasso afgeschreven.

Wanneer krijg ik mijn tickets?

Als alle termijnen succesvol zijn voldaan dan zullen vanaf 5 mei de tickets uitgestuurd worden.

Wanneer wordt het geld afgeschreven?

We houden zoveel mogelijk rekening met wanneer je geld op je rekening hebt. Dus de incasso’s vinden aan het eind van de maand plaats.

Eerste automatische incasso: 26 maart
Tweede automatische incasso: 26 april

Wat als ik mijn betalingen niet heb voldaan?

Als je de betalingen niet hebt voldaan dan zal je order geannuleerd worden en zal je geen tickets ontvangen.

Wat als ik niet genoeg geld op mijn rekening heb staan?

Geen probleem. Als je op het moment van de incasso niet genoeg geld op je rekening hebt dan proberen we het later nog een keer. Zorg dan wel dat je genoeg geld op je rekening hebt staan.

Wat zijn de kosten van gespreid betalen?

De kosten van gespreid betalen zijn €1 per termijn (excl. BTW).

Getting there

Navigation address

Type in ‘Velder 10, Liempde’ and when reaching Boxtel follow the the instructions of the traffic signs.


When reaching Boxtel, please follow the traffic signs and the instructions of our traffic control staff. They will guide you to one of our parking fields.

Shuttle busses

Travelling together is always more fun. We organize great shuttle busses tours. Keep an eye on this page, we’ll provide more info soon!

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